Finger Vein/Print Technology Overview

Finger Vein/Print Technology Overview

29/11/2020 11:42:45 PM | 1833

Finger Vein\Print Technology Overview

Finger Vein\Print technology combines two highly accurate and easy to use biometric technologies. The user presents their finger to the reader and the fingerprint and finger vein are read concurrently as a single operation.




The multi-modal finger vein\print technology identifies candidates that would have been rejected by using just fingerprint only or just finger vein only technology. Finger Vein\Print false rejection rate (FRR) is 10 times lower than Fingerprint and more than 50 times lower then Finger Vein.


Fingerprint biometric data is acquired using an optical sensor by total reflection using visible light. Finger vein biometric data is captured by infra-red illumination and reflection by direct view using near infra-red light.

Finger vein data resides below the skin and is a highly effective anti-spoofing technology.


When acquiring a fingerprint and finger vein it is critical that the correct part of the finger is available to acquire the fingerprint and the finger vein. The sensor hardware is designed that during enrollment the enrollee’s fingertip and finger base must make contact with the top and bottom of MSO FVP. For identification and verification only the fingertip must make contact with the top of the MSO FVP.

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